Whether you are interested in music for your wedding ceremony or reception, JD Music is superior in creating an event you will not forget. We do not perform “cookie-cutter” weddings. We personalize the music to your tastes and desires. Once we know the mood you wish to create for your special day, be will offer suggestions on how to achieve that with unique music selections, instrument choices, and music placement. Ask about some of our ideas about music placement, unique only to JD Music.

Sometimes a ceremony can include something as simple as a piano and violin, while others are more extravagant with a string quartet, brass ensemble and a vocalist. Your reception could include a solo cocktail pianist, jazz trio, or a group of strolling violins for dinner. Any of these music styles or different ensembles that you wish to hear, JD Music will produce.

Many of our clients choose to have a DJ perform for their wedding reception. While we do not provide DJ’s for our clients, we can put you in touch with some of our colleagues with whom we have worked. For the client that wants to have the DJ perform, we suggest coupling some live music at the beginning of the reception, like a string quartet during cocktails and dinner, with the high energy sounds of a DJ for dancing afterwards. This always makes a perfect combination for the sophisticated, yet fun, wedding. 

Specializing in weddings for the last 20 years, we are very familiar with most churches and reception locations in the Chicago area. We are preferred vendors for many of these locations as well as several Chicago wedding planners. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to see how we can make your wedding truly unforgettable.

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